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Jane Griffiths on Companion Planting and Beneficial Bedmates

Jane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014Jane\'s Delicious HerbsJane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014 and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, wrote an article about companion planting for the digital magazine Simply Green.

She explains this age-old technique used to enhance garden-life, and shares tips on how to attract the right insects and repel the unwanted ones to promote harmony in your backyard.

Charles Darwin would tell the story of the old lady, her cat and the clover: There once was an old lady who lived in a small village, where more than the average number of old ladies lived. There was also more clover in the grass and the meadows produced more hay. The reason was simple. Old ladies kept more cats than most people. More old ladies led to more cats in the village. The cats roamed the fields and captured whatever they could, particularly field mice. So more cats meant fewer mice. Mice are one of the few predators of wild bees’ nests; so fewer mice meant more bees. Bees are essential for pollinating red clover; so more bees meant more clover. Clover improves the yield of hay. So, more old ladies meant the village produced more hay.

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