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Archive for the ‘Book Excerpts’ Category

Excerpt: Getaway Guide to Route 62 and the Overberg by Brent Naude-Moseley and Steve Moseley

Getaway Guide to Route 62 & the OverbergAs the end of the year draws near, it’s time to start planning a holiday. Getaway Guide to Route 62 and the Overberg by Brent Naude-Moseley and Steve Moseley might offer some ideas of where to go. Read an excerpt from the guide, shared by Namibiana Buchdepot:

Getaway Guide to Route 62 and Overberg by Brent Naude-Moseley and Steve Moseley is designed to assist independent travellers, but is by no means a comprehensive guide. We’ve chosen to focus on the smaller, lesser-known places covered by Route 62 (including the Winelands, Little Karoo, and the Langkloof) and the region known as the Overberg. Some may wonder at how we managed to come up with the idea of combining a predominantly coastal region with a semidesert inland route not usually associated with each other.


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Excerpt from Getaway Guide to Botswana by Mike Copeland

Getaway Guide to Botswana“The Call of the Wild is loud and clear in Botswana” says Mike Copeland in the introduction to the Getaway Guide to Botswana.

Copeland recommends Botswana for its preservation of untouched spaces where “pre-human-era fauna” can be found, but he advises that you prepare for the trip and make sure you are properly equipped:

The Call of the Wild is loud and clear in Botswana – it roars and bellows across the open spaces of this vast, almost flat country. There are not many countries left on our planet that have more than a fair share of pre-human-era fauna preserved into our modern age, and where they roam so widely and freely. Fortunate is the traveller who answers the call and experiences what Botswana has to offer. The adrenaline rush of predators in camp at night, of battering your vehicle through deep sand and water or mud, sipping sundowners while watching the sky turn red with the silhouettes of elephants drinking nearby, or just enjoying the silence and solitude of the salt pans: this is Botswana.

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Excerpt from Harvest Diaries by Christine Stevens

Harvest Diaries“January is full of surprises”, writes Christine Stevens in Harvest Diaries as she describes a morning on her farm when the grapes are starting to ripen, the chickens are not enjoying the heat and there are peaches ready to be eaten off the tree.

Read the full excerpt in which Stevens describes the fruit and vegetables that are harvested in January:

January is full of surprises. In the first year after we bought the farm, we were celebrating New Year’s Eve when a storm blew through this seemingly tranquil place bringing hail that devastated the ripening grapes. A couple of years later a strong north-westerly wind blew over row upon row of grape-laden vines. My vista is superb. Rows of vines are backed by imposing mountains. Bunches of jasper-green grapes hang from the vines.

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Extract: PH Flack Highlights the Benefits of Eating Venison in the Foreword to Karoo Venison

Karoo VenisonIn PH Flack’s foreword to Karoo Venison, he says that “game culled by registered, professional shooting teams, properly bled, hygienically treated in special mobile veld abattoirs and steadily cooled over 24 hours to just above 0° Celsius” is, in his opinion, “the best meat in the world”. Flack is a great supporter of venison and says, “Eating venison is a marvellous experience. It tastes good, is good for you”. That is why he recommends this cookbook compiled by Albe Neethling, Annatjie Reynoldsa and Lynne Minnaar:

The Great Karoo forms the second largest plateau region outside of Asia. This semi-arid area covers much of the central parts of South Africa. It is home to many indigenous animals like springbok, kudu, gemsbok, harte-bees, eland and wildebees. It is also the most sparsely populated section of the country. More than one town, at different stages of the development of South Africa, has laid claim to being the “capital of the Karoo”.

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Excerpt from Taking It Easy by Andy Fenner

Taking it EasyNamibiana Buchdepot have released an extract from Andy Fenner’s Taking It Easy. In the excerpt, which is the foreword, Fenner’s triumph as a respected food blogger in South Africa is charted, and a special commendation is given to Fenner’s photographer Lar Leslie. The journey from branding and design consultancy work for restaurants and eateries to writing a food book about twenty top chefs is highlighted.

Taking It Easy is a gorgeous book that oozes style and substance, much like the author, whom I both admire and respect for his wholesome food philosophy. When I first met Andy he was a blogger – amongst many others – trying to make a name for himself and trying to find a career in food. His blog (written under the pseudonym Jamie Who) quickly became one of the most popular in the country and his rise from obscurity to well-respected food writer has been meteoric. Not satisfied with only writing about food, he now also consults in a branding and design capacity for a number of restaurants and wineries. Named as one of “200 Young South Africans to watch” by Mail & Guardian in 2010, Andy has emerged as one of the finest young talents in this country.

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Excerpt From White Sharks: Magnificent, Mysterious & Misunderstood by Dirk Schmidt

White SharksNamibiana Buchdepot has published an extract from White Sharks by Dirk Schmidt, which sets up the contents of the book and seeks to inform the reader about an animal that has been much maligned in the public imagination.

The passage calls for people to study and understand this creature before casting it in a negative light, and encourages people to get involved in the conservation and study of other marine life as well.

The Great White shark has suffered negative media publicity for many years, and unfortunately become one of the most maligned, misunderstood and even hated animals on our fragile planet. A sad connotation that surrounded us during our youth was that ‘The only good shark is a dead shark’ strongly brought to bear from movies such as Jaws. Fortunately this is changing, as conservationists, marine scientists and shark enthusiasts constantly study and learn more about this magnificent, mysterious and supreme predator. In my opinion it is time that a new aspect of shark behaviour is brought about, one that challenges old, dogmatic approaches to sharks, and sets new hypotheses that stretch our perceptions and limited knowledge base surrounding the Great White shark.

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Excerpt From Roots, Shoots & Leaves by Bernadette Le Roux (Plus: Recipe)

Roots, Shoots & LeavesNamibiana Buchdepot have shared an excerpt from Bernadette Le Roux’s Roots, Shoots & Leaves: Cooking with Vegetables.

In this extract Le Roux explains how her cookbook is a celebration of vegetables and shares her recipe for the Ultimate Grilled Vegetable Sandwich:

I have a deep-seated love of vegetables that stems from a childhood spent on a farm in the Great Karoo where summers were fierce with endless dusty days and hot, restless nights. One would think that nothing grows in the desert. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. An underground spring fed a rambling vegetable garden and vast orchard that produced all manner of greens, from spinach and chard to delicate lettuces and fragrant herbs.

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Excerpt from Cooking with Jenny Morris by Jenny Morris

Cooking with Jenny MorrisIn her cookbook Cooking with Jenny Morris, Morris invites the reader and cook into her Cape Town-based culinary school, The Cook’s Playground. Namibiana Buchdepot shared an extract from this book with their readers in which Morris writes about her culinary school and the special events she hosts there:

There is a little alleyway in the heart of De Waterkant that leads to one of my favourite places. As you walk along the cobbles, you might hear the clattering of pots and pans, or the whirr of a blender.

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Excerpts from Pat Cavendish O’Neill’s A Lion in the Bedroom and A Chimpanzee in the Wine Cellar

A Lion in the BedroomA Chimpanzee in the Wine CellarNambiana Buchdepot have shared excerpts from Pat Cavendish O’Neill’s two memoirs, A Lion in the Bedroom and A Chimpanzee in the Wine Cellar.

In this extract from A Lion in the Bedroom, O’Neill talks about living in Kenya and raising Tim Tom, a young gazelle orphan, from when he was just a few days old:

I then took my safari off to the Tana and used one of Stan’s old camp sites high on the banks under some large duom palms overlooking the river. I had been here on several occasions and considered myself fairly familiar with this part of Kenya. There were beaches and pools. Tana loved playing chase and we would charge around splashing in all the shallow rivulets. I always kept an eye out for crocodile as there were a vast number of these huge monsters, just waiting for the unwary. Prehistoric and sinister, they would sleep on the banks, lying so still that it was often difficult to pick them out.

O’Neill explains how she came to own a farm in Kenya, where she raised her lioness Tana, in this extract from A Chimpanzee in the Wine Cellar:

In Kenya, my life was saved twice by my lioness Tana and in South Africa once again my life was saved by wild animals, this time by my baboons. I will live in eternal gratitude for these animals and the love they have shown me. I have had the most incredible life, thanks to the most wonderful mother in the world, two incredible brothers and a glorious lioness called Tana who came to me as a newborn cub with her eyes still closed.

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Extract from The Realm of the Desert Elephant by Chris Wildblood

The Realm of the Desert ElephantIn the following extract from the foreword for The Realm of the Desert Elephant, the book is described as a true homage to the desert elephants of Namibia. The book takes readers on a remarkable photographic journey through the ways of these reclusive but magnificent animals:

The Realm of the Desert Elephant is an exquisite tribute to the beauty of this wonderful and unique region. Namibia is a large country with an area of 825,418sq km making it over twice the size of Germany and three and a half times the size of the United Kingdom.

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