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Archive for the ‘Food’ Category

Accept Responsibility for What You Eat: Andy Fenner’s Six-point Meat Manifesto

Taking it EasyAndy Fenner, co-owner of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and author of Taking it Easy: 20 of SA’s top chefs cook for family & friends, shared his “Meat Manifesto” at the Spier Secret Festival.

Fenner, a freelance food writer and critic, has put together a six-point manifesto to encourage more responsible and ethical meat eating. “It’s really just to get people to stop just putting stuff in their mouth and their body without thinking about what happened before it arrived on that plate,” he says.

Andy Fenner’s Meat Manifesto

1. Don’t eat meat simply out of habit.
2. Think about the animal that gave its life for that piece of meat.
3. Think hard about the way you cook your meat.
4. Do you try different things with meat?
5. Do you stretch the meat that you buy as far as you can?
6. Are you willing to accept responsibility?

Watch the video interview:


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Jane Griffiths Harvests a Home-grown Crop of Sweet Potatoes

Jane's Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious GardenJane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Garden and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has written a blogpost about harvesting her sweet potatoes.

Griffiths says she planted her sweet potatoes a little late this year, and so left them in the ground for longer than usual:

There are three different types in this bed. The normal red with green leaves, another darker red with dark bluish-purple leaves and orange with the yellow pink leaves. *Sweet potato feast coming up*

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Kobus Mulder Comments on Internationally Awarded Cheddar from South Africa

Cheeses of South AfricaKobus Mulder, international cheese consultant and author of Cheeses of South Africa, has commented on Waterkloof Estate’s Healey’s Cheddar earning second place at World Championship Cheese Contest.

The cheese, which is a slow matured Cheddar, is made by hand in limited quantities, and excelled at the international cheese competition, held in Wisconsin, United States.

Mulder says the results are impressive:

“For the Healey’s Cheddar to be judged the second best round Cheddar cheese in the world means that it is really an exceptional cheese. The fact that this particular cheese was not especially made for the World Contest, but taken from everyday production stock means that the cheese maker applies excellent cheese making practices on a daily basis,” shares Mulder.

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Kobus Mulder on Why the Klein River Cheese Grana Won 2014 SA Dairy Product of the Year

Cheeses of South AfricaKobus Mulder, author of Cheeses of South Africa, recently acted as chief judge in the annual Agri-Expo DuPont Qualité Awards 2014 in the category SA Dairy Product of the Year, pronouncing Klein River Cheese Grana the winner.

“The SA Dairy Championships draws the best dairy products of the country and it is usually a tough challenge to choose the best product in each class,” said Mulder, noting that “the Klein River Cheese Grana so impressed the judges with its great taste and typical texture that they were in total agreement that this was indeed Number 1.”

South African Cheese writes, “The Klein River Cheese Grana overwhelmed the judges with its typically strong, yet fruity and slightly sweet flavours and granular texture. Its smooth, natural rind is hard and thick, preserving this cheese well.”

This year 68 producers entered 821 products in the categories for butter, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, flavoured milk, dairy dips, ice cream and dairy dessert. According to internationally experienced cheese judge, Ulf Mortensen, the general level of quality of the entries has improved since he last judged at the SA Dairy Championships in 2012. “The vast majority of samples were of reasonably good to very good quality,” he says. “My contribution would be to encourage cheese makers to make sure that a cheese is not simply good tasting, but in fact also attractive to look at. After all, consumers buy with their eyes first, then on account of smell and finally the taste.”

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Jenny Morris Shares Her Recipe for Mediterranean Lamb

Taste the World with Jenny MorrisJenny Morris, author of Taste the World with Jenny Morris, has shared a recipe with Food24 for Mediterranean Lamb from her new cooking show, Jenny Morris Cooks the Riviera.

Try Morris’ lamb, which is roasted with onions, garlic and herbs:

Mediterranean Lamb

  • 6 large sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 3 stems of bay leaves
  • 5 stems of rosemary
  • 2kg free-range lamb, a nice-sized leg or shoulder

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Jane Griffiths Explores Cape Town’s Urban Farming Community

Jane\'s Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious GardenRenowned gardening expert Jane Griffiths spend an inspiring afternoon at the Oranjezicht City Farm in Cape Town.

Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Garden and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, talks about the rich history of the land that the urban farm exists on, the sustainable farming practices it uses, and the weekly Saturday market, which focuses on the “local, fresh and seasonal”.

In addition, the farm hosts groups of pupils from nearby schools, who are taught about sustainability and organic food production.

Sheryl Ozinsky, the founder of the garden, tells Griffiths about their future plans:

With the success of the OZCF, they are now looking at other unused or under-utilised public green spaces. “There are hundreds of spaces that have the potential to serve our communities as places that beautify, educate, feed and strengthen residents,” says Sheryl. “We are hoping OZCF will serve as a model, providing mentoring, support and resources to inspire and strengthen other groups keen to do something similar.”

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Try Jenny Morris’ Recipe for Steak and Porcini Mushroom Salad

Taste the World with Jenny MorrisJenny Morris recently traveled the French Riviera where she was inspired to create a range of delicious mouthwatering recipes, aired on her Food Network cooking show, Jenny Morris Cooks the Riviera. She is the author of Taste the World with Jenny Morris.

Try Morris’ recipe for Steak and Porcini Mushroom Salad, shared by Food24:


3 Tbs olive oil
Ground white pepper
350 g piece sirloin steak
2 porcini mushrooms
30 g pre-soaked, dried porcini mushrooms
2 cloves garlic – peeled and thinly sliced
2 sprigs fresh rosemary

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Try Jenny Morris’ Recipes for Seasonal Abate Fetel Pear Dishes

Taste the World with Jenny Morris“I’m going to make my mouth love me this winter with this elegant pear, which was named after a French monk in 1896, one Abate Fetel (say it like this – ah-BAH-tay fuh-TEL),” writes Jenny Morris, author of Taste the World with Jenny Morris, in her column for The Next 48hOURS. “Abate Fetel it is now being promoted in South Africa through Checkers and Shoprite stores, Spar and leading independent grocers from May until late July.”

Treat your tastebuds with Morris’ ideas on what to do with this seasonal fruit and try her recipes for Abate Fetel Pear and Blue Cheese Pizza; and Green Bean, Bacon and Abate Fetel Affair:

Abate Fetel Pear & Blue Cheese Pizza


400 Frozen puff pastry, thawed overnight (1 sheet)
80 ml Tinned chopped tomato
40 ml Fruit chutney
70 g Blue cheese, crumbled
1 Abate Fetel pear, peeled and cored
Rocket leaves to garnish

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Try Jenny Morris’ Recipe from the French Riviera for Ratatouille with Goat’s Cheese Sauce

Taste the World with Jenny MorrisJenny Morris, author of Taste the World with Jenny Morris, has a delicious recipe for traditional rich ratatouille served with crêpes smothered in goat’s cheese sauce, shared on Food24.

This recipe is from her new TV series, Jenny Morris Cooks the Riviera and was inspired by the tastes of Nice on the French Riviera.

Ratatouille with goat’s cheese sauce

2 large eggs – beaten
3/4 cup warm milk
3 Tbs melted butter
1 cup flour
¼ tsp salt
A dash of black pepper
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
½ cup soda water
Olive oil for cooking

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Jenny Morris’ New TV Series Airs Today on The Food Network (Plus: Preview and Recipe)

Cooking with Jenny MorrisTaste the World with Jenny MorrisJenny Morris, author of Cooking with Jenny Morris and Taste the World with Jenny Morris, returns to your television screens today with her new series, Jenny Morris Cooks the Riviera.

Tune in to DSTV channel 175, weekdays at 12:15 PM and 4:25 PM, and join Morris on her journey around the French and Italian Riviera.

“From the olive groves of Liguria, to the crystalline waters of Monaco and St Tropez, Jenny’s journey into the heart of Riviera food reveals the traditions, people and signature ingredients that have made this the cradle of Mediterranean cuisine,” writes Food24.

Watch the preview of Morris’ new show:

YouTube Preview Image

Try one of the recipes from Jenny Morris Cooks the Riviera, shared on the Food Network website, for Baked Beef and Salami Rolls:

8 slices of beef
1 cup ricotta
1 cup cooked chopped spinach
3 cloves crushed garlic
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Parmesan cheese
A good pinch of nutmeg
8 slices salami
8 fresh basil leaves
Olive oil
2 cups tomato sauce
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoon plain flour
250ml warm milk
Fresh rosemary

Jenny Morris takes viewers on a culinary grand tour around one of Europe’s most glamorous destinations; the French and Italian Riviera.

Bursting with produce and steeped in the traditions of French and Italian cooking, the towns and villages of the Riviera are a cook’s paradise.

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