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Archive for the ‘Lifestyle’ Category

Video: Jenny Morris Discusses the First Season of Chopped South Africa

Taste the World with Jenny MorrisCooking with Jenny MorrisJennifer Sanasie recently spoke to Taste the World with Jenny Morris author and Chopped South Africa judge Jenny Morris to find out what we can look forward to in the exciting first season of this internationally acclaimed cooking show.

Morris mentions that the judges took great care in being kind, impartial and fair. She also explains how the programme works and stresses that the contestants are all professionals: “The whole thing about Chopped is number one you have to be a chef to enter. Most chefs have got some kind of experience.” She also mentions that passion, and ability to make beautiful meals with ingredients they have never seen before was important. “It was lovely to see the creativity that came to the fore.”

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Podcast: Jenny Morris Shares Her Recipe for Fennel and Mieliepap with Chicken Gizzards

Taste the World with Jenny MorrisCooking with Jenny MorrisJenny Morris was in studio with Pippa Hudson on 567 Cape Talk where she shared her thoughts on “Freedom Food” – dishes to celebrate twenty years of democracy in South Africa.

Listen to the podcast for Morris’ recipe for Fennel and Mieliepap with Chicken Gizzards and a delightful discussion on South African dishes:

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Jane Griffiths’ Top Tip for Preserving Fresh Garden Herbs

Jane's Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014With winter set in, Jane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has some hints on how to preserve your fresh herbs.

Griffiths suggests preserving your herbs in olive oil, which can then be stored in a dark place and used as you need. The aromatic oil can also be used for cooking, as long as you top it up after using it.

Before frost hits your herbs, such as basil, harvest the leaves and pack them into bottles and add olive oil. Shake to remove air bubbles and make sure the top of the herbs are covered with oil otherwise they can go mouldy.

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Celebrate International Surfing Day by Discovering Cape Town, One of the World’s Best Cities for Surfers

South African SurfToday we celebrate the 10th annual International Surfing Day, “the closest thing surfers have to an international, non-denominational holiday” according to Surfline.

Craig Jarvis, co-author of South African Surf: The Swell Seeker’s Guide, recently wrote a comprehensive article for Stab Magazine in which he shares the many reasons Cape Town deserves the title of one of the world’s best surfing cities.

Listing everything you might need to navigate around the peninsula, from where to find local surf legends to the best place to have a drink with your bro, Jarvis and Brendon Gibbens presents the best of the Mothercity’s swell offerings:

Best kept secret: The Dunes on the southerly cross-shore is a secret. It’s one of those waves that needs an offshore to barrel otherwise it’s nowhere. Or so everyone thinks. As soon as it goes southerly, everyone leaves, but the southerly is the best air-wind and it’s offshore enough to still throw some crazy barrels. The problem is that when it goes southerly it is so empty and feels so sharky.
Cheapest bar: There’s a bar called The Fisherman’s in Kommetjie. It’s pretty rough. It’s a sorry place, one of the most washed-out bars you can go to but it’s home, and I like going there with my friends.
Most expensive bar: Cape Town’s generally a pretty expensive place with some crazy prices. Caprice in Camps Bay is pretty swanky and Belugas is also pretty ritzy.

Ever had to make up an excuse to go surfing? Duck out of work early? Get “caught in traffic” on the way to a date? Call in sick to school? Just..not shown up for something? Of course you have. Maybe all of the above, on a good year. But this Friday, luckily, is the closest thing surfers have to an international, non-denominational holiday. Not that you should skip school or work or anything, but June 20th is the 10th annual International Surfing Day.

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Accept Responsibility for What You Eat: Andy Fenner’s Six-point Meat Manifesto

Taking it EasyAndy Fenner, co-owner of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and author of Taking it Easy: 20 of SA’s top chefs cook for family & friends, shared his “Meat Manifesto” at the Spier Secret Festival.

Fenner, a freelance food writer and critic, has put together a six-point manifesto to encourage more responsible and ethical meat eating. “It’s really just to get people to stop just putting stuff in their mouth and their body without thinking about what happened before it arrived on that plate,” he says.

Andy Fenner’s Meat Manifesto

1. Don’t eat meat simply out of habit.
2. Think about the animal that gave its life for that piece of meat.
3. Think hard about the way you cook your meat.
4. Do you try different things with meat?
5. Do you stretch the meat that you buy as far as you can?
6. Are you willing to accept responsibility?

Watch the video interview:


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Jane Griffiths Harvests a Home-grown Crop of Sweet Potatoes

Jane's Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious GardenJane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Garden and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has written a blogpost about harvesting her sweet potatoes.

Griffiths says she planted her sweet potatoes a little late this year, and so left them in the ground for longer than usual:

There are three different types in this bed. The normal red with green leaves, another darker red with dark bluish-purple leaves and orange with the yellow pink leaves. *Sweet potato feast coming up*

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Jane Griffiths Explains Why She Plants Her Broad Beans Inside Tripods

Jane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014Jane's Delicious HerbsJane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014 and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has shared photos of her broad bean plants, noting that, besides the beans themselves, she really loves their flowers.

Griffiths says she plants her broad beans in tripod perches and explains why she does it this way: “This gives the floppy stems support and also provides a moist micro climate which is good on the dry highveld.”

I love broad bean flowers. I grow my broad beans inside my tripods. This gives the floppy stems support and also provides a moist micro climate which is good on the dry highveld. Around the tripods I grow cauliflower and broccoli.

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Kobus Mulder Comments on Internationally Awarded Cheddar from South Africa

Cheeses of South AfricaKobus Mulder, international cheese consultant and author of Cheeses of South Africa, has commented on Waterkloof Estate’s Healey’s Cheddar earning second place at World Championship Cheese Contest.

The cheese, which is a slow matured Cheddar, is made by hand in limited quantities, and excelled at the international cheese competition, held in Wisconsin, United States.

Mulder says the results are impressive:

“For the Healey’s Cheddar to be judged the second best round Cheddar cheese in the world means that it is really an exceptional cheese. The fact that this particular cheese was not especially made for the World Contest, but taken from everyday production stock means that the cheese maker applies excellent cheese making practices on a daily basis,” shares Mulder.

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Jane Griffiths Recommends Harvesting Rainwater for Your Garden

Jane's Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014When it comes to gardens Jane Griffiths knows what she’s talking about and she has shared her wealth of information in her various gardening books, including Jane’s Delicious Herbs and Jane’s Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014.

Griffiths recently partnered with JoJo Tanks and suggests using them for harvesting rainwater for your garden.

Watch the video in which she explains how they work and why it is important to recycle and conserve water:

The Future of Water, JoJo Tanks from Sifiso Ngobeni on Vimeo.

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Jane Griffiths Explores Cape Town’s Urban Farming Community

Jane\'s Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious GardenRenowned gardening expert Jane Griffiths spend an inspiring afternoon at the Oranjezicht City Farm in Cape Town.

Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Garden and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, talks about the rich history of the land that the urban farm exists on, the sustainable farming practices it uses, and the weekly Saturday market, which focuses on the “local, fresh and seasonal”.

In addition, the farm hosts groups of pupils from nearby schools, who are taught about sustainability and organic food production.

Sheryl Ozinsky, the founder of the garden, tells Griffiths about their future plans:

With the success of the OZCF, they are now looking at other unused or under-utilised public green spaces. “There are hundreds of spaces that have the potential to serve our communities as places that beautify, educate, feed and strengthen residents,” says Sheryl. “We are hoping OZCF will serve as a model, providing mentoring, support and resources to inspire and strengthen other groups keen to do something similar.”

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