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Archive for the ‘Nature’ Category

Jane Griffiths’ Top Tip for Preserving Fresh Garden Herbs

Jane's Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014With winter set in, Jane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has some hints on how to preserve your fresh herbs.

Griffiths suggests preserving your herbs in olive oil, which can then be stored in a dark place and used as you need. The aromatic oil can also be used for cooking, as long as you top it up after using it.

Before frost hits your herbs, such as basil, harvest the leaves and pack them into bottles and add olive oil. Shake to remove air bubbles and make sure the top of the herbs are covered with oil otherwise they can go mouldy.

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Celebrate International Surfing Day by Discovering Cape Town, One of the World’s Best Cities for Surfers

South African SurfToday we celebrate the 10th annual International Surfing Day, “the closest thing surfers have to an international, non-denominational holiday” according to Surfline.

Craig Jarvis, co-author of South African Surf: The Swell Seeker’s Guide, recently wrote a comprehensive article for Stab Magazine in which he shares the many reasons Cape Town deserves the title of one of the world’s best surfing cities.

Listing everything you might need to navigate around the peninsula, from where to find local surf legends to the best place to have a drink with your bro, Jarvis and Brendon Gibbens presents the best of the Mothercity’s swell offerings:

Best kept secret: The Dunes on the southerly cross-shore is a secret. It’s one of those waves that needs an offshore to barrel otherwise it’s nowhere. Or so everyone thinks. As soon as it goes southerly, everyone leaves, but the southerly is the best air-wind and it’s offshore enough to still throw some crazy barrels. The problem is that when it goes southerly it is so empty and feels so sharky.
Cheapest bar: There’s a bar called The Fisherman’s in Kommetjie. It’s pretty rough. It’s a sorry place, one of the most washed-out bars you can go to but it’s home, and I like going there with my friends.
Most expensive bar: Cape Town’s generally a pretty expensive place with some crazy prices. Caprice in Camps Bay is pretty swanky and Belugas is also pretty ritzy.

Ever had to make up an excuse to go surfing? Duck out of work early? Get “caught in traffic” on the way to a date? Call in sick to school? Just..not shown up for something? Of course you have. Maybe all of the above, on a good year. But this Friday, luckily, is the closest thing surfers have to an international, non-denominational holiday. Not that you should skip school or work or anything, but June 20th is the 10th annual International Surfing Day.

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Jane Griffiths Explains Why She Plants Her Broad Beans Inside Tripods

Jane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014Jane's Delicious HerbsJane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014 and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has shared photos of her broad bean plants, noting that, besides the beans themselves, she really loves their flowers.

Griffiths says she plants her broad beans in tripod perches and explains why she does it this way: “This gives the floppy stems support and also provides a moist micro climate which is good on the dry highveld.”

I love broad bean flowers. I grow my broad beans inside my tripods. This gives the floppy stems support and also provides a moist micro climate which is good on the dry highveld. Around the tripods I grow cauliflower and broccoli.

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Jane Griffiths Recommends Harvesting Rainwater for Your Garden

Jane's Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014When it comes to gardens Jane Griffiths knows what she’s talking about and she has shared her wealth of information in her various gardening books, including Jane’s Delicious Herbs and Jane’s Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014.

Griffiths recently partnered with JoJo Tanks and suggests using them for harvesting rainwater for your garden.

Watch the video in which she explains how they work and why it is important to recycle and conserve water:

The Future of Water, JoJo Tanks from Sifiso Ngobeni on Vimeo.

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Jane Griffiths Explores Cape Town’s Urban Farming Community

Jane\'s Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious GardenRenowned gardening expert Jane Griffiths spend an inspiring afternoon at the Oranjezicht City Farm in Cape Town.

Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Garden and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, talks about the rich history of the land that the urban farm exists on, the sustainable farming practices it uses, and the weekly Saturday market, which focuses on the “local, fresh and seasonal”.

In addition, the farm hosts groups of pupils from nearby schools, who are taught about sustainability and organic food production.

Sheryl Ozinsky, the founder of the garden, tells Griffiths about their future plans:

With the success of the OZCF, they are now looking at other unused or under-utilised public green spaces. “There are hundreds of spaces that have the potential to serve our communities as places that beautify, educate, feed and strengthen residents,” says Sheryl. “We are hoping OZCF will serve as a model, providing mentoring, support and resources to inspire and strengthen other groups keen to do something similar.”

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Video: Mystery Squash Plant Provides Jane Griffiths with a Pleasant Surprise

Jane\'s Delicious HerbsJane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014Jane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has shared a video of a pleasant gardening surprise she experienced recently.

“Sometimes my garden provides me with unexpected delights,” she says, explaining how a squash plant she almost uprooted yielded “over 50 perfect miniature pumpkins”. Griffiths says the plant, which seeded itself, is an excellent example of how a small garden can provide a very rewarding crop of vegetables.

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Video of Lion Attacking Crocodile in Kruger Park Goes Viral

Getaway Guide to the Kruger National ParkAn amateur video of a lioness attacking a crocodile in the Kruger National Park is going viral this week.

The lioness captures the small crocodile next to a dam, with stunned tourists looking on. Other members of her tribe rush up to help themselves, but the lioness is having none of it and bolts away to avoid sharing her prey.

If you’re planning a trip to the Park, Cameron Ewart-Smith’s Getaway Guide to the Kruger National Park is a crucial accompaniment to your holiday.

Watch the video here:

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Plant the Right Greens at the Right Time with this Plan by Jane Griffiths

Jane's Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014Jane\'s Delicious HerbsJane Griffiths, garden expert and author of Jane’s Delicious Gardening Calendar 2014 and Jane’s Delicious Herbs, has created a printable planting plan “that’ll tell you what to plant in April and May and remind you when it’s time to harvest your crops”, shared by Garden and Home SA.

Follow the link to print your own plan and start planting the right greens at the right time:

“Plants such as broccoli (pictured) and cauliflower form the largest heads in the coolest months, but need to be planted a few months in advance. Drawing up a planting plan will ensure these go into the ground at the right time, and if you sow seed of quick cool season crops like leafy greens successively, you’ll be able to harvest them regularly throughout winter,” says Jane Griffiths, author of Jane’s Delicious Garden (Sunbird Publishers).

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Roger de la Harpe Captures Striking Images of a Water Spout over Lake Kariba

In Search of the African LionRoger de la Harpe, photographer and co-author of In Search of the African Lion, and Paul Steyn were photographing a fish eagle next to Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe’s Matusadona National Park when what they first thought was a tornado appeared.

The phenomenon, which was later identified as a water spout, is described by Steyn in a piece for National Geographic. He also shares the striking images that De la Harpe managed to capture of the fish eagle with the water spout in the background:

We were photographing a fish eagle perched on a dead stump, the amazing colours of the bird glowing in the soft afternoon light over Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe. Beyond the fish eagle, the storm grew darker and we could see the rain coming down over the lake in torrents.

Suddenly, what seemed like a large tornado began to form at the base of the clouds, growing bigger and bigger as it reached the water. Roger de la Harpe was lucky enough to capture this sighting with amazing skill, the regal fish eagle providing the context and foreground of this rare African phenomenon.

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Wildlife Photographers Roger and Pat de la Harpe to hold Safari Courses

In Search of the African LionRenowned wildlife photographers Roger and Pat de la Harpe will be running some exciting photographic safaris in the Madikwe Game Reserve.

The De la Harpes, who have written many books on photography, including In Search of the African Lion and In Search of the African Wild Dog, will provide professional tuition and wildlife photography tips on the courses, which cater for all levels of photographer and will be held from 22-25 May and 18-21 September, 2014.

The workshops run over a three-night stay in the reserve, and the cost includes all accommodation, meals and two game drives per day.

The programme is fairly general and subject to change, depending on nature’s own timing. While spending time focusing on scenery, a crackling radio making mention of wild dogs could mean a rapid change in activity.

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